Guide to Getting Started in Papervision 3D

Next Steps

Where you go and what you do with Papervision, 3d, and Flash in general is ultimately up to you. I have found it useful to make little projects for myself when I am not getting enough at work (haha NEVER happen). I just like playing around with things that may be of use to me at a later day so I make up little projects (like my unfinished 3d portfolio). As I stated at the beginning of this tutorial, Papervision is open source and there is a huge community around it that you can tap as a resource for learning more.

If you are still interested in learning and liked the style of my writing let me know what interests you and I will trying writing more of these little tutorials.

Whatever you do, I hope that you were able to take something away from this and start building your own crazy 3d apps.

If you would like a copy of the files created and worked with in this tutorial, you can get them here: tutorial files


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